Glass Backsplash

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Glass Backsplash

Glass backsplash for kitchens has been gaining quite a bit of popularity these days because of their various advantages. Not only are they easy to clean because of their smooth surface, but they also add aesthetic value to any kitchen.

Here are several benefits of getting a kitchen glass wall installed:

No Molds

Unlike tile backsplashes, glass backsplashes for kitchen no hidden cracks that can attract the growth of molds and germs. It is important to make kitchen areas clean as it is where food is usually exposed and handled.

Aesthetic Appeal

With a variety of colours and designs available, a kitchen glass wall will definitely add a more modern and seamless look to your area.

glass backsplash midas glass contractor singapore

Glass Backsplash Installation Process

Preparing the wall

The first step that we will take for installing the kitchen backsplash is to prepare the wall itself. The porous surfaces on the wall usually offer a good material for the glass to bind into. Even more so, a newly constructed wall in a dry state will provide an excellent surface.

Placing the glass

We can put the glass over the painted wall by firstly roughing up the surface of the wall using sandpapers. Ensure that the frosted or rough side of the glass is the part that’s set against the wall, while the smoother and shinier surface is facing the room.

Our team of professional and reliable glass installers will then drill holds into the glass and wall to secure both items together. There is usually no glue involved in such process as screws are used to hold the pieces in place. The holes will then be sealed with silicone to prevent any debris from passing through the hole.

This installation process might take lesser time to carry out as no tile need to be laid out individually as in the case of tile backsplashes.

glass kitchen backsplash midas glass contractor singapore

Why Midas Glass Contractor Singapore

Ranging from tinted to frosted glass, we offer the best kitchen backsplash options that can surely enhance any kitchen. With Midas Glass Contractor Singapore, trust that we only provide quality glass installation services that guarantee satisfaction to all our customers.

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Getting your house renovated? Give your kitchen a new look with our premium quality glass backsplashes. Contact us now by sending us a message on WhatsApp us at +65 8241 0032. While you’re at it, view our range of successful projects here!

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