How to Fix A Stuck Sliding Glass Door

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The glass market is in great demand due to its countless benefits. In many offices and residential areas, you will see various types of frameless sliding glass doors being used because of its looks and durability. Despite having its benefits, people also face various issues pertaining to sliding glass doors.

One such problem is finding yourself with a stuck sliding glass door that’s difficult to move. If you have installed sliding glass shower doors then you might come across this problem more often than owners with a swinging door. But have you ever figured out a permanent solution to it? Well, the main reason why your dual sliding glass door or aluminium sliding doors get stuck is that debris inside the track hinders its movement. So, if you happen to face a similar type of the problem, the very first thing to check if whether your door’s sliding track is free from dirt, accumulation of dust, hair, etc. If the track happens to be filled with such particles, clean and wipe them off immediately as they clog the roller, and prevent the door from sliding smoothly.

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Wondering how exactly you should carry out the above procedure? Read on.

First, you have to remove the sliding doors from the track with the help of a screwdriver. You have to turn the screw counterclockwise so that the slide door will eventually come off the track. Now, take out the door stop at the top of the frame. This process is most similar to the unscrewing process. Upon successful completion of these steps, you can now remove the door.

Next, place the doors on sawhorses. This will give you easy access to the roller of the sliding glass door. However, if the rollers happen to be damaged, you must get them replaced. Otherwise, if they are just dirty, use a soft cloth to wipe particles off them.

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The next step would be to reinstall your roller. Align the screws correctly and tap them into the right place with the help of a hammer. It is advisable to use a wood block to prevent the wheels from breaking while you hammer the screws. Once they are placed properly, retract the pair of rollers.

Installing the sliding glass door is the next and final step that you should go for. The door is to be aligned in the bottom track properly and then slowly tilted up. The head stop must be reattached first to prevent the door from falling out. Slide the door towards the latch-side jamb, then adjust the screws until the door fits nicely into the doorpost.

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