Glass Railing

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Glass Railing

A simple glass railing can make any area look more spacious than it actually is. This is why both commercial and residential areas have been shifting from the usual wooden or metal railing to the more sophisticated glass railing.

Having glass railings installed creates an unobstructed view of any area, allowing more sunlight to pass through. These railings can also be easily customized easily with a variety of tinted glass options and if you’re feeling fancy, even engravings – making spaces more personalised.

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Glass Balcony

Many people will initially be skeptical about using glass for the construction of balconies because of the material’s brittle composition. However, with tough and solid materials like tempered glass, such balconies will be able to withstand greater pressure and shocks.

Glass balconies also only require minimal maintenance. Easily use a soft cloth to wipe off dirt from the glass.

Concerned about your privacy? There are many translucent glass materials like frosted glass that can be easily installed in such spaces using spigots.

At Midas Glass Contractor Singapore, we ensure that all our glass works are installed with premium quality workmanship executed to bring out the best in our client’s respective spaces.


Our glass installation works like a glass stair railing are planned and designed with our client’s lifestyle preferences in mind. We also consider the overall interior of the place to ensure that the installation complements the rest of the area.

With different style options available, you can also play around with unique designs especially in a high-rise building with glass balconies or swimming pools.

Do note that the installation of such glass railings involves tedious work that requires the skills and expertise of experienced installers. Only professional installers like our team from Midas Glass Contractor Singapore can safely handle complex glass work using sturdy materials.

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Safety First

Glass balcony panels are not at all temporary in nature and can last for several years. This is mostly contributed by the sturdiness of tempered glass, one of the most commonly used materials in glass works. The sheets or panels used are also more than 0.5 inches in thickness. Unlike metal railings, you don’t have to worry about rusting or corrosion.

Exterior Views

Exterior glass railing such as those in balconies is also a popular option these days. This is because such fixtures provide a great view of any landscape. Decks and patios have also been getting recent makeovers with exterior glass railings.

Choose Midas Glass Contractor Singapore

Aside from their aesthetic value, people are opting for glass railings nowadays as they are also generally cost-effective in nature. At Midas Glass Contractor Singapore, we offer glass installation works at direct contractor price. This means that you can get a more affordable glass stair railing cost! 

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