7 Important Features to Consider When Choosing a Shower Screen in Singapore


Choosing a glass shower screen in Singapore involves considering several key features essential for both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality. These screens not only enhance bathroom décor but also ensure privacy and prevent water leaks. Engaging professional services is advisable for optimal results. Here are seven crucial factors to keep in mind when selecting a shower screen.


Type of Glass


In Singapore, there are various types of glass available for shower screens, with tempered glass and laminated glass being among the most favored options. Tempered glass is renowned for its durability and is capable of withstanding high temperatures and impacts. This makes it a top choice for safety. On the other hand, laminated glass consists of multiple layers with a clear plastic interlayer which ensures additional strength and security. Both types of glass provide excellent clarity and can significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom.


Secure and Durable Hardware


The hardware used in a shower screen, including hinges, handles, and brackets, is vital for the screen’s durability and longevity. Whether it’s a corner shower screen or a bifold shower screen, it is important that the hardware is made from rust and corrosion-resistant materials like stainless steel or brass. This ensures the lasting durability and longevity of your shower screen.


Seals and Gaskets


Seals and gaskets are essential for preventing water leakage from your shower screen, creating a tight seal along the edges of the glass panels when closed. Choosing shower screens with seals and gaskets made from durable, flexible materials such as PVC or rubber can help you avoid the need for shower screen repairs. It’s advisable to opt for professional installation to ensure these components are correctly fitted to maximize water resistance.


Smooth Edges

Safety is paramount, especially when there are young children or elderly family members at home. As such, ensuring the glass panels have smooth edges and are free from any sharp or rough areas is essential. One of the benefits of frameless glass shower screens or doors is their ability to reduce the risk of accidental injuries and facilitate easier cleaning and maintenance.


Anti-Slip Surface


An anti-slip surface is essential for preventing accidents and falls, especially on wet bathroom floors. Opt for shower screens with textured or frosted glass surfaces to enhance traction and grip. This feature is particularly important if the shower will be used by elderly or disabled individuals.


Clear Markings

Clear markings on a shower screen enhance safety and convenience. Indicating if the screen is open or closed helps prevent accidents by ensuring it is properly secured before use. Clear markings on a sliding shower screen also assists users with limited mobility or visual impairments in operating the shower screen more easily.


Special Accessibility Features

When selecting a shower screen, it’s important to take into account the needs of individuals with disabilities or the elderly. For this reason, special accessibility features are crucial. Look for shower screens with low thresholds to provide easy access for wheelchair users or those with mobility challenges. Other considerations when selecting a shower screen include options with grab bars or handrails for added support and stability. This will ensure the usability and safety of the shower for individuals with special needs.


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Selecting the ideal shower screen in Singapore is a crucial choice. By prioritizing factors such as glass type, robust hardware, effective seals, smooth edges, slip-resistant surfaces, visible markings, and accessible features, you can ensure your shower screen meets both functional needs and aesthetic preferences. Whether it’s an HDB shower screen or a fixed shower screen, consulting a reliable provider like Midas Glass Singapore ensures expert installation and service quality. Choosing a trusted installation service guarantees a beautiful and practical bathroom that will serve you well over the years.


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