5 Essential Maintenance Tips for Your Glass Backsplash in Singapore


Maintaining a glass backsplash in your Singapore home can be easy with the proper approach. Glass backsplashes are a popular choice for their stylish, contemporary look, and low maintenance surface. However, it is important to follow a few essential maintenance tips to keep your glass backsplash looking its best. Here are five key steps to ensure your glass backsplash stays clean and spotless.


Wipe Down Regularly With A Soft Cloth And Mild Detergent


Regularly cleaning your glass backsplash is essential for proper maintenance. Just like you would when cleaning and maintaining bifold glass doors, use a soft microfiber cloth or a clean damp sponge to gently wipe the surface of the glass backsplash. Avoid using abrasive materials or scrubbing too hard, as these can cause scratches or damage. For a deeper clean, mix a small amount of mild non-toxic detergent with warm water and use this solution to clean the backsplash. Afterward, rinse thoroughly to remove any soap residue.


Stick To Mild Non-Abrasive Cleaners

For any type of glass it’s important to use only mild, non-abrasive cleaners. Harsh chemicals or abrasive scrubbers can etch or scratch the surface, damaging the appearance and integrity of the glass. Thus, look for specialized glass cleaners or use a mixture of water and vinegar (for non-tempered glass). Make sure to also avoid harsh cleaners containing ammonia or bleach as they can damage the glass in the long run.


Avoid Using Vinegar

While vinegar can be useful for cleaning certain surfaces, it’s important to avoid using it on tempered glass backsplashes. The acidity in vinegar can react with the tempered glass, leading it to be cloudy or discolored. For tempered glass backsplash, it’s best to stick to mild non-abrasive cleaners.


Use A Soft Sponge Or Cloth


When cleaning your glass backsplash, whether it is made of tempered glass or frosted/sandblasted glass, be sure to use a soft non-abrasive sponge or cloth. Avoid using scrubbing pads, scouring sponges, or any other materials that could scratch the surface. You should also make sure to gently wipe the backsplash in a circular motion so you can cover the entire area.


Consider Using A Backsplash Protector


Despite the differences between tempered glass and frosted glass, they can both be given extra protection when you apply a protector. This can create a barrier against stains, spills, and everyday wear and tear. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully when applying the protector on your glass backsplash to maintain its effectiveness.


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If you’re unsure about how to maintain your glass backsplash or encounter any issues, consulting with a professional is advisable. Midas Glass Singapore offers glass backsplash services. Hiring reliable glass contractors can provide you with personalized guidance and ensure your glass backsplash remains in excellent condition.



Maintaining a glass backsplash in your Singapore home can be manageable by following these five essential tips. Regularly wipe down the surface, use mild, non-abrasive cleaners, and consider adding a protective sealant for added durability. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to the professionals at Midas Glass Singapore for assistance.

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